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mini pan

  • ₹149
    • Product Namemini pan
    • HSN Code73239110
    • Article No.1905131
    • Country Of OriginPRC

    •  Surprise Your Kids With Many Shaped Omelet Or Fried Egg With This Mini Cartoon Shape Fry Pan. Good for Pancakes, Egg Omelets, Egg Fry or Making Egg Recipes.
    •  Exciting Sunny morning, to the children love to do a nutritious creative breakfast, the omelets is your first choice.
    • It can be put on gas stove, induction stoves, and electric hot plates as well. not only saving time but also cooking eggs faster.
    •  Non-stick Egg Frying Pan Egg Cooking Pan Before use pan, use a little oil or butter to coat the pan Good to use it on electromagnetic oven, gas stove and BBQ Love our life, let's start from breakfast, make great, cute, yummy breakfast This cute mini frying pan
    •  Heat Resistant Handle Is Easy On The Hands And To Operate. Simple Design and Compact Appearance, Easy To Clean Up and Fast-Cooking.

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