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compressed facial mask

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    • Product Namecompressed facial mask
    • HSN Code63079090
    • Article No.1905266

    • The compress facial mask is convenient to take and space saving
    • Strong absorbency and clean away oil and dirty
    • DIY compressed masks for hydrating your skin and leaving it soft and nourished
    • These masks are designed to fit your face without any discomfort
    • Non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin, non-allergenic
    • After cleansing the face, add skin care essence or lotion into a cup, then soak the compressed facial mask into the essence, wait until it fully expand. Apply the mask onto face from top to bottom to fit completely with skin. Enjoy nourishment for 15 minutes, then remove the mask
    • Each roll of the compressed sheet mask is sealed in individual packets to keep themselves away from dust, dirt and moisture. They are compact like a coin hence convenient to carry anywhere.
    • Just place the compressed roll in a bowl or suitable container. Pour enough cosmetic liquid such that it can soak the mask and swell it up. Unfurl the mask and it is ready to use
    • These sheets are highly absorbent. Hence, they can hold sufficient amount of toner or skin care liquid and trap the active ingredients on the skin. They can also help clean away the oil, dust and dirt on the skin.

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