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  • ₹149
  • Blue Pink Purple
    • Product NameMASSAGER
    • HSN Code90191020
    • Article No.1905479
    • Country Of OriginPRC

    • Easy to use and feels comfortable in your hand
    • Instruction -- Massage your muscles gently with the tool. Just lay it flat on the muscles, without high angle, make the whole close to skin when you roll it.
    • Specially designed bumps and wheels on the roller, massage with precision to any body part,massage all parts of the body easily. Relax your muscles,stimulate the circulation of blood, conducive to physical and mental health
    • AS+PP+TPE materials,non-toxic plastic,use safely. AS/PP/TPE can provide a higher quality product than silicone and is less abrasive.
    • Bring you deep massage of the muscle,adjust the comfort of the body after exercise, and eliminate the muscle fatigue.Get rid of aching muscles quickly and without expensive massage therapists!

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